Who made this website and why is it free?

My name is John Pierce.

I'm a speech pathologist from Melbourne, Australia. I also research aphasia at the Aphasia CRE.

I created this website because some of my patients couldn't afford an iPad or software. I wanted it to be free and very easy to use.

I created this in my own time for free.

If it has helped you, you might like to buy me a coffee.

Is this therapy?

The best aphasia therapy is designed for you by a speech pathologist.

It should be based on your strengths and weaknesses.

It should help you practice real life skills.

It should use more than just words and pictures.

This website can be part of that therapy, or if you have finished therapy it can help you keep practising.

How do I use it?

Choose a language and choose what you want to work on - reading, spelling, listening or naming.

Then, choose a task.

Change the settings in the task to make it harder or easier.

There are word lists based on difficulty, or on topics.

To use the same settings next time, copy the web address and save it somewhere or bookmark it.

How does the Naming Pictures Aloud task work?

Try to say the name of the picture that is shown. If you need help, keep pressing the icon: If you think you said the word correctly, press the tick: This task doesn't hear you speak, but you can check the answer.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

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